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About Me

Hay, this is Tangeer Mehedi, a professional digital marketer and blogger. I have sold out a number of my blog having generated huge revenue and led a number of my clients to potential success through my marketing strategy. I have been working as a strategic planner and CEO of WebSpotAgency.

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My Story

  • 2012

    โ€œDreams never dieโ€- that actually happens to me. After completing my schooling, I stepped into Ahsanullah University of Science And Technology and got admitted into Civil Engineering Department as a diploma student. But you know loved online surfing and used to stick with the internet maximum the time.

    After passing just a few months, I could realize my passion and that was, surprisingly, not civil engineering, rather it was freelancing and blogging. Yes, I fell in love with blogging.

  • 2013

    Start Freelancing

    Before starting my 1st blog, I started freelancing on data entry and photo editing. Though I started with that, Internet marketing and blogging fascinated me the most.ย 

    Luckily I went with my passion. In 2013, when I was a student of BSC in Civil Engineering at Stamford University Bangladesh, I started looking for resources and tips & tricks on how to start blogging. This learning process took almost 1 year.ย 

  • 2014

    1st Blog

    It was in 2014 when I started my 1st blog einfo.com. It was my 1st blog subjected to online marketing. I got a little revenue from this blog business through Google AdSense. But I donโ€™t want to claim it as my success at all.ย 

    Since then, I started blogging to generate earnings to bear my personal expenses. But for lack of proper knowledge, at that time, my couple of blogging projects became failures!ย 

  • 2016

    Local SEO

    Hence, my only success was the knowledge and proper SEO strategy that I came to learn from my failed projects. In 2016, I moved to Local SEO and successfully ranked some local businesses the in the USA.

    At that time, I used to work for plumbers, Dentists, Roofing companies, Tour companies, and E-commerce businesses to manage their websites and rank them in search engines.

  • 2019

    Flipped A blog

    After a small interview, again in 2019, I started a new blog business with new hope. This time it was a big success for me!

    This time, I could utilize my SEO knowledge properly. And finally, I flipped this blog project on lawnmowers in 2021 at $40k. And that year, my several blog businesses were sold out.

  • 2020

    Web Spot Agency

    In 2020, I started my digital marketing agency WebSpot focusing on all digital marketing services. Along with SEO and content writing service, we provide Google ads and website maintenance services through WebSpot.

    Luckily, we have a number of satisfied clients of our SEO and content writing service. I apply the strategy and planning for keyword research and content writing that is proven effective to me as I got success in my blog project.

  • 2022

    Focused On PPC

    We are managing Google PPC ads for several clients through our agency and can claim yet successful as our ads campaign is bringing huge revenue for our clients.

    Through the past few years of my digital marketing journey, I have made a big team based on my first-hand experience. So my team also has been experienced in the different branches of digital marketing that helps me enure the best service for my clients!ย  ย 


Years Experience

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What WebSpotAgency Do?

With Our Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services, We Lead Your Business To The Doorstep Of The People Who Need And Want Your Service.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Solutions
  • Website Management
  • Branding Development

My Successful Sites

Web Spot Agency

Web Spot Agency is my dream project where I have been serving the growing business and startups to reach their goal. Providing an all-in-one digital marketing solution, Web Spot Agency has been the name of the trust for the growing business.

Hunting Niche

I started this site in 2016 of my passion as I love hunting. With my initial knowledge of blog business, I could rank it, and finally, in 2021, I sold out it on Motioninvest at $1500 whereas my investment was just $100!

Lawn Mowers Niche

It was a huge success that I have ever got. After starting in 2020, this site reached $3k in monthly commission within 6 months. The source of revenue was ad networks and affiliate commissions. This blog was sold out at $40k through Motioninvest.

Movie Niche

In spite of being so competitive, I started this blog on the anime industry. With some effective strategy, this blog reached up to 60k visitors per month. I published almost 200 contents in this blog and the content source was local Bangladeshi writers. This blog was sold at $5k.ย  ย 

Tech Niche

Being a tech-savvy person led me to start this blog on a tablet computer. So far, I have published 150+ pieces of content. For now, this site is earning $150 from Amazon. I dream of reaching this site with 1 million visitors per month.ย 

Movie Niche

After selling out my previous business in the anime industry, I started this blog on the same niche earlier in 2022. So far, this blog has 3k visitors from different search engines. I didnโ€™t go for any backlinks for this blog.

Home Niche

As for my educational qualification, I am a civil engineer. Though I have chosen digital marketing as my career, I have a passion for civil engineering that inspired me to start this blog in 2022. I published 300 blog posts and this site has an average of 10k monthly visitors so far. I plan to publish 500 more blog posts on this blog to get approval from mediavine.ย 

Kitchen Niche

I started this blog In early 2022. After publishing just 30 contents, the site is getting a number of visitors day by day. Publishing regular content, I have the plan to lead this site to monthly 50k visitors within this year.ย 

Celebrity Niche

This blog contains 100+ celebrity profiles. And in spite of being so competitive niche, this blog is already driving 10k visitors per month. It is my 1st blog on celebrity niche that is going to be a big success indeed!ย