Do You Have A Marketing Agency, Looking For More Clients?

Or Are You In The Digital Services Business, Seeking More Clients?

Providing SEO, PPC, Or Website Design, But Need More Clients?

Or Are You A Freelancer Looking For Clients Beyond The Marketplace?

Hay, Im Mehedi! I Run This Marketing Agency And I Get Clients Through Email Marketing. So, I Know How Email Marketing Works And I Can Assist You To Start Getting Clients Through Email Marketing.

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cold email marketing agency

You Already Watch A Lot Of Videos Like This:

Almost Everyone Is Talking About How To Get Clients Through Cold Email But Some How You’Re Unable To Get Clients. So, My Service May Help.

How We Use Cold Email Campaigns To Drive Revenue For Clients

We leverage high-performing data from executing thousands of successful B2B campaigns in every industry to target & engage your most qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel.

1. Build Lists

‍We build targeted and qualified email lists of your ideal prospects

2. Write Emails

Write clear and hyper-personalized cold emails that actually get responses

3. Outreach

Send custom messages to thousands of your ideal clients every month

4. Close Deals

You’re notified whenever you get a response, for you to close the deal

Our Email Marketing Campaign Helped Generate Over $8.8m In Revenue For A Social Media Marketing Agency. Let’s Create A Tailored Campaign That Drives Similar Results For Your Business. [You Can Check The Site]

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How Can I Get Clients πŸ€”

The Short Answer Is An Email Campaign. I Will Set Up And Run An Email Campaign For You By Targeting Your Potential Clients.

What Do I Need to get started πŸ€”

You need at least 500 to 1000 niche-specific business owners’ emails. You need Zoho or G-Suite email id with an alternate domain. And, you need cold email marketing tools like Saleshandy, Lemlist, or instantly.

How Many Emails do I Need To Send? πŸ€”

Email marketing is an ongoing process. If you’re in business then you have to promote your services to your potential clients. So you have to send as much as you can.

Is Your Method That Can Generate Clients? Is That Guaranteed? πŸ€”

This is not my method. This is a system and I follow the procedure. This system works for almost every business.
Every system needs to test different niches, industries, or email templates. If you got a winning method then you have to continue the system.
Overall, I will teach you how it works and set up and manage the entire campaign for the next 30 days.

What is The cost πŸ€”

There are a few different costs. Leads, Tools, Emails, Domain, and My charge. That is your one-time investment. My job is to create and implement a cold email outreach system that generates more sales from hard-to-reach prospects.

The Price Looks High! πŸ€”

If you acquire a single client for website design, SEO, or PPC services, you can earn an average of $1000 to $5000. Therefore, the cost is justified for your business in this situation.

Md Tangeer Mehedi ppc expert

Let’s Get To The Main Topic At This Time 😎

Since You Have Come Here And Have Read So Long, Maybe You Are Willing To Get an Email Campaign Service From Me! πŸ˜‹

Contact me, I will let you know how its works, and what is the cost in total.

Md Tangeer Mehedi β€“ CEO

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